Thursday, October 27, 2011

This week...end!

Here is a quick summary of my week:

I called in sick to work on Tuesday and finally went to the doctor; I couldn't swallow without wincing in pain. I wasn't sure that the doctor understood me well, but she sent me to the pharmacy for two different medicines. Wednesday morning I was significantly improved. Wahoo!

This week I handled the gym classes on my own (the classroom teacher accompanied me) because the regular gym teacher is out on paternity leave (in Spain, when a woman gives birth, the father has one month leave as well! Nice!). We played Halloween-themed games, and I gained popularity (at least that's what I tell myself. Maybe they are secretly laughing at me) for wearing a witch's hat...

I also started two private lessons with children of different teachers. One class is a group of 2 three year old and 2 five year old cuties. They are a handful, but absolutely adorable! The other class is with a second year university student who wants conversation practice; the opposite end of the spectrum from the little ones! I also have a few other classes in the works.

Right now I am taking a break (one of many...) from packing. Tomorrow afternoon I will be in Rome with Analise, Doug, and William! I am SO excited. Soooooooo excited. I will be sure to take lots of pictures and soak up the luxury of family time.

Here are a few pictures from this past week (nothing like Rome), just to keep things interesting:

I am curious about the history of this building. So interesting!

I am ready for school: I have my bag, my lunch, my purse, and my hat.

Spain's (quite literal) version of RedBull.

I have no idea how this car is parked here. If you look closely, there is a post behind it, which means the driver must have backed down this narrow street:

I don't understand.

Un abrazo. Y ciao!

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