Sunday, October 16, 2011

A picture is worth 1,000 about a few thousand?

I spent a quiet weekend trying to get rid of this bothersome cough. Even though my "tos" (cough) does not directly affect my writing abilities, it does deplete my energy level, which thus negatively impacts my blog output. Tragic, I know. So, in place of my usual verbose post, here are a few pictures to enjoy. You may or may not consider this a lucky change of pace.

Happy week, everyone!

And, as promised, a much deserved "shout-out" (I think I am too old to use that term, but oh well):

A los alumnos de la clase de Señora Marciano en Bishop Luers High School, ¡gracias por su atención! No sabía que tengo tantos seguidores. Estoy pensando en palabras muy profundas (jaja) para vosotros...Esperad un poquito, leed más y ¡prestad atención a Señora Marciano!

Un abrazo muy fuerte.

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