Sunday, October 23, 2011

Las fotos

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Por fin, he organizado mis fotos. Tuve que hacer una página nueva.
La direción está abajo.

Fue un fin de semana muy tranquilo. El viernes hice algunos recados por la mañana y por la tarde descansaba un poquito. Jessica y yo hemos intendado de encontrar una fábrica de cerveza local pero no tuvimos éxito. En fin, fuimos con otra amiga a una tetería. Comé una crepe maravillosa con leche consensada y caramelo. ¡Increíble! Bebí té del chai delicioso. Yum!

El sábado teníamos una misión comprar mantas. Solo teníamos sábanas. ¿Y el tiempo de yo estaba alardeando? Se va esta semana. Por eso, fuimos al centro comercial, Luz del Tajo. Hay autobuses que van allí, pero para coger el autobús siempre es una aventura. Llegamos y buscamos y disfrutamos el tiempo. Y encontramos las mantas en un supermercado que tiene toooooodo.

Por la noche, caminamos por la ciudad para hacer fotos. La catedral está iluminosa por las noches de los fines. Y es maganifica.

Bueno, está semana hago cosas muy sencillas para celebrar Halloween! Y el viernes estaré en Roma con Ana, Doug, and William!

(In English)
I have finally organized my photos. I had to create a new page for this year's collection. The address is below.

I had a very quiet weekend. Friday I ran some errands in the morning (which means around 11:30) and relaxed a bit in the afternoon. Jessica and I tried to find a local brewery, but did not succeed. So we met another friend and went to a tea place (one of the leftover influences of the Moors are the Arabic-themed "teterías"). I had an AMAZING crepe with condensed milk and caramel. It was incredible. I also had delicious chai tea. Yum!

One heavenly crepe.

Yummy mint and chai teas.

My roommate, Jessica, and me.

Saturday we had a mission: to buy blankets. We only had sheets until now. And that wonderful, warm weather about which I was bragging? It is leaving this week. In fact, right now we are waiting for rain...I can't believe it. Typing that word feels wrong! In any event, the temperature is inevitably going to drop, and we need blankets. We went to the shopping mall, Luz del Tajo (Light of the Tajo-the river around the city). There are buses that go there, but it is always an adventure to catch the right line. We evenutally found the mall and wandered around and enjoyed the afternoon. And we found blankets, at a reasonable price and of reasonable quality. They were in a supermarket that has everything; similar to a Wal-Mart but on a smaller scale. And without the logical organization of American stores.

We took a walk last night to take pictures. The cathedral is illuminated on weekend nights, and it is beautiful (don't worry, the pictures are posted!).

Well, this week I am doing simple things to celebrate Halloween with the students. Although, I was unable to find a huge bag of candy to share, and what is Halloween without candy? I did buy a witch's hat and plan on wearing all black...obviously I could have spared a bit more creativity...

Here is the link for pictures:

(For future reference, if you look on the right hand side of the page, you will see a link to the pictures).


Un abrazo.

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