Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Rome, Sweet Rome

I had the most lovely of weekends in Rome. The best part? Being with my family. Ana, Doug, William and I had a quiet weekend which we filled walking throughout the city and enjoying delicious coffee in small cafes and parks. Ana and Doug had already taken in much of the sights, and I visited Rome in 2010. Therefore, we didn't feel pressure to rush around taking in all there is to see (and there is certainly a lot to see!).

How the Italians flocked to little William! And he is quite the charmer, and ate up the attention.

Young Italian men blaring the bass from their itty, bitty Smart cars.

The weather was beautiful! Warm and sunny everyday. It could not have been better.

Speaking Spanish to a sweet nun in The Church of the Sacred Heart. She was able to tell me the story of St. Raphaela, who was born in Spain and founded this nun's order. I was able to translate for Ana and Doug. William wasn't interested.

Seeing William crawl! It is so hard being away from him; I know he will change so much in the stretch from January-July!

Just hanging out with my sister and best friend.

The pizza!

It was so refreshing and relaxing to spend time with people I know, not to mention three people I love so dearly. It was just the pick-me-up I needed!

I know this isn't the most informative blog post; but, honestly, this trip was more about spending time with my dear family than it was about seeing the city! Not to say that we didn't soak up Rome-we did! I have a fully detailed posting about my trip last year here:

Here are a few pictures, but I am currently uploading an album to my Picasa page-be sure to check it out!

I haven't been to work since last Thursday-I miss my students! Today I had an appointment to extend my visa/secure my identity card. By the time that meeting ended, I didn't have enough time to make it out to Sonseca for more than one class. I will work tomorrow and then start my weekend again...I am actually looking forward to a normal week!

Un abrazo.

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