Sunday, November 6, 2011

Great Hearts

"Great hearts, my dear master, should be patient in misfortune as well as joyful in prosperity."
-Miguel Cervantes, Don Quixote (Chapter LXVI of the Second Part)

I will confess, I have not read Cervantes' great work. Soon, perhaps. I found this phrase on the internet, and I liked it. So here we are.

Though I haven't read the book, I did visit Consuegra, the city with the windmills which inspired the scene in Don Quixote. It is a charming little pueblo about one hour south of Toledo. We (Jessica, my roommate, and Allyson, a friend from the program, and I) took a bus and enjoyed abundant sunshine (which was quite a treat considering the rain we had here last week) while we walked along the quiet path connecting the windmills.

There is also a castle along the path; unfortunately we could not go inside because we arrived just as it was closing for siesta...

It started raining as we were waiting for our bus, so we were very thankful we had sunshine for our climb, because it was very windy at the top of the hill.

Make sure you look at my album for more pictures and anecdotes!

Un abrazo.


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  1. Regarding the pictures: I am working on posting them right now!