Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I have to share this with you, because it is just funny.

I just noticed while putting away my laundry detergent (at least that is what I thought I bought 5 weeks ago) that I have been "washing" my clothes with liquid fabric softener. That explains the odd (not bad, just different) scent of my "clean" clothes...Oh, language barriers.

Well, this isn't my first mistake with the language. Once, I accidentally told my host mother that I don't have any nieces or nephews-when she seemed surprised, I figured I must have been mistaken. Thinking on my feet, and deciding she must have asked if I have cousins, I said yes, but they are all much older than I am...after that statement she changed the subject.

Another time, I told my Spanish friend that I have romantic feelings for all the internationals (men and women) that live in my building...luckily, he is used to my mistakes, and kindly (though laughingly) corrected me.

I am sure I have many more instances to come, and hopefully I will keep laughing.

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  1. hahaha ohhh language barriers. that made me laugh mucho