Friday, February 5, 2010

Mi habitación

Colegio Mayor Hernán Cortés is where I call home. It is a university dormitory. Recently remodeled, my room is very nice. I have my own room with a bathroom. I am on the third floor, which here is really the fourth. What we consider the first floor is called the bottom floor, or zero. I've posted a few pictures at the bottom of this note.

It is different than living in Anniversary Hall (at Bellarmine), because Hernán Cortés is everything in one building. For example, the building has a cafeteria, gym (barely), library (not many books, though), etc. And, I don't have a refrigerator or microwave, which means I am forced to eat in the "comedor" (dining room).

I have cleaning service. I have never had a cleaning service before! (Mom, I know you will beg to differ-and you and Dad have certainly done your fair share of cleaning up after me, hehe). I discovered this face just this morning when two sweet ladies knocked on my door and asked if they could come in and clean. I had already made my bed for the day, but was still in my pajamas, looking like a mess. They were very kind; I kept apologizing for being in the way, but they told me to relax and keep studying. (I don't think she saw Facebook up on my computer, haha). Now, if only I could find someone to do my laundry...

The food is...cafeteria food. My ticket entitles me to a bottle of water, small baguette, dessert (fruit or yogurt), and two different plates. There are always two choices for the first(generally a vegetable, soup, appetizer of some sort), and two choices for the second (fish or meat). And potatoes are always offered, usually as "papas fritas" but occasionally they will be boiled or with vegetables, etc. I have woken up in time for breakfast a few times, but there aren't many offerings so it isn't too enticing. Except for "cafe con leche," which never sounds bad!

I am a five minute walk from the river, and there are various parks nearby, including the university's practice fields and track.

My building is about a fifteen minute walk to campus. The front of the building is on Paseo San Vicente, which is a busier, commercial street. Across the Paseo is the university hospital (where the immediate care center-which I have visited-is located).

The back of the building is on a much quieter, more residential street, with glimpses of the Cathedral towers (unlike the vacant lot I see from my window...). There is a geriatric hospital down the street from my dormitory, and a grade school across the street. I love walking home when the school has been dismissed. There is something so infectious about the smiles and laughter of children. And it is neat to see families walking home to eat lunch together.

My very first day in the dorm I ALMOST used the Emergency Exit (it is very poorly marked, in my opinion-green is not a great warning color, is it?). That would have been a great way to make friends here, waking people up early on a Sunday! But, considering my luck meeting people so far, maybe it isn't a bad idea...just kidding (mostly).

I have been trying to take more pictures each day, just of little things I see. However, I don't have the cord to connect my little Nikon to my computer, and I since I don't carry around my big Nikon, I haven't been able to upload my pictures. But, I want to make this more interesting, so with each post I'm going to upload a picture, too! I will still put all my pictures on Picasa. Speaking of pictures, I have added a few new photos to the album: "Salamanca: The Beginning." I don't have many, but check them out! (The web address is on the right hand side of this page).

Anyway, as promised, here are a few pictures of my room! It lacks decoration, but I am working on that.

Much love,

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