Monday, June 4, 2012

Up to Speed

I realize I haven´t written in over a started to fly after Elizabeth´s trip! Jarrod came at the beginning of May, and after that, what little time I had left I filled with hikes, a wedding (not my own, a coworker´s!), cooking lessons (I learned gazpacho and tortilla espanñola from a friend), nights dancing with friends, and playing tour guide to a friend from Salamanca. It was a wonderful, busy end to the school year. (Jarrod and I had a blast in Madrid, Toledo, and Barcelona! Sorry I haven´t potsted any pictures...). And now, on to the next adventure: El Camino de Santiago! In short (ha) it is a 500 mile hike across northern Spain, and should take me about a month! I hope to finish just in time to head to Toledo to get my luggage, and catch my flight in Madrid on July 6th! Actually, I would love to finish earlier, but my feet will make the final call. We shall see. I have to pay for internet access most places, but I will try to update as often as I am able! However, in an effort to take on the ¨pilgrimage spirit¨ I am trying to disconnect, just a bit. Also, I hope to get pictures uploaded, but that is proving complicated. Un abrazo muy fuerte.

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