Tuesday, June 5, 2012

It´s a Simple Life

(I apologize in advance for the strange formatting/layout. It is the best I can do on the hostel computers!) I have started to settle into a routine; it already feels like I have been on the trail a month rather than four short (actually, long) days. Here is what a day in the life of a Camino-walker (at least this one) is like: I wake up when I hear other people rustling, or when my alarm goes off at 6:00 (usually I don´t need the alarm). I go to the bathroom to brush my teeth and splash water on my face. There isn´t much need for primping on the trip, so after sun screen and deodorant (there is a great need for both of these, however) I consider myself ready. Then I focus on my feet. I do the best I can with the blisters that have formed, and then take all the preventative steps I can...and I put on my boots, which hurt. I fill up my water bottle and take a vitamin C tablet. If I have something for breakfast, I munch while I am getting ready, otherwise I stop at the nearest cafe for a quick croissant or toast and coffee. Usually I am on the ¨road¨ by 7:00 or a bit before. I start my walk with a rosary. After I finish praying, I stop to stretch my musclese a bit. And then...I just keep walking, chatting here or there with people on the walk; at the very least wishing them all a ¨buen camino!¨ I snack when I feel hungry, and drink lots of water through the day. I have found that I walk best if I am well fed...though that is no surprise. Depending on the size of villages/towns I pass through, I might stop for a sandwich around mid-day. I reach my destination about six hours after I leave, usually between 1:00-2:00pm, give or take. In the mornings I always tell myself I will walk a bit further, but by the time I see the name of the pueblo matches the ¨end point¨ in my guidebook, I am ready for a break. I check into the hostel, and immediately dig out my (hopefully) clean clothes and shower items. I take a quick shower (sometimes longer if I am lucky and there is still hot water!) and put on the shorts and shirt that I will wear the next day. I wash clothes if I need to. After that I look into food. Some days I will just have a snack and wait for a big dinner later, but today I had a big lunch, so will find something lighter for dinner. After I am fed I do some reading and journaling, and some prayers, if it is quiet. At this point I want a nap, but try to stay awake until bedtime, to ensure a good night of sleep (assuming there are no snorers in my room...which is unlikely). I find ways to kill time until dinner; in the smaller pueblos there isn´t much to do or see, so they are quiet afternoons. After dinner I read for a bit more and then organize my bag so I can leave as easily and as quietly as possible in the morning. And then it starts again! Here are a few pictures of my trip so far: My pilgrim credential, which I get stamped at each hostel, and my shell, which I wear tied to my backpack. First day climb over the Pyrenees! My motto. Prayers are appreciated, especially for my sore feet and knees! And please know that I am praying for all of you! Un abrazo fuerte.

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