Wednesday, December 21, 2011

¡Feliz Navidad!

Toledo has adorned the Casco (the historic neighborhood, where I live) with beautiful lights. The main street from the Plaza to the Cathedral has a "roof" of draped lights complete with "chandeliers" and many other streets have unique presentations as well. I love walking around at night; if only there were a little snow, too!

It is hard to believe Christmas is so close! I will be home in about 32 hours or so (not that I'm counting!). My flight leaves Madrid tomorrow at 6:40 AM, so I will head to the airport late tonight and camp out for a few hours before boarding. I am almost ready to go, too! (Almost).

Here are a few tidbits from the last week that made me smile:

A paper airplane, decorated and all, from Ángel in third grade:

A bow made from a tissue and colored purple, from Sandra, in first grade:

And a letter asking for forgiveness from Pablo, a five year old, for misbehaving in our private lesson:

Though the cookies I made don't taste nearly as great as when Mom and I make them at home, the teachers loved them!

I am so anxious to spend time with my family! I hope and pray that your holidays are filled with joy and peace. "Let your hearts be light!"

Un abrazo y ¡feliz navidad!

P.s. I posted pictures from my trip north! Click the link on the right to see them. Merry Christmas!

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