Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Drum roll please....

My return date is drawing near: exactly eight weeks from today! And though my brain should be focused on studying for exams, I have let myself start thinking about all the wonderful things I miss about the good ol' red, white, and blue...(please excuse me if my list appears is strange the things you start to miss when you are gone for a long time!):

1. MY FAMILY (there is a whole separate list of things I miss about my family)
2. My friends (another list)
3. My bed
4. Fresh vegetables
5. Being in the same time zone as the majority of the people in my life, and being able to call them from my cell phone, whenever I like
6. Driving
7. Diet Dr. Pepper
8. Jeopardy
9. Watching TV shows in English, on a television
10. Eddy, my cat. And the other animals at home.
11. Cooking
12. Speaking/hearing English regularly
13. Not seeing ham everywhere
14. Free water
15. Eating earlier
16. Healthy breakfasts
17. Chips and salsa
18. My dad's enchiladas...yum.
19. My semester grade being composed of more than the final exam
20. Whole grains
21. The radio
22. Picking flowers from my parents' gardens
23. Not feeling foreign
24. The English measurement system...I hate conversions
25. Using the twelve hour clock

Now, I would hate for you to think I am wishing my time away! I am in love with Europe, and so grateful for this amazing opportunity...And so, to balance my homesick-list, here is a list of things I will miss about Spain and Europe (and some are the opposites of items on the previous list, which just means I wish I could have the best of both my worlds!):

1. My friends
2. The laid back culture
3. Taking weekend trips to different countries
4. Speaking Spanish regularly
5. Tapas
6. Sangria, calimocho, agua de Valencia...these are all tasty drinks!
7. The history
8. Tortilla española
9. Dos besos
10. Meeting people from, literally, all over the world...each day
11. ¡Siesta!
12. Going to mass in churches older than the United States
13. All the amazing architecture
14. The Euro bills
15. Being able to walk everywhere I need to go
16. Having a whole week to study for exams, and three weeks to take them
17. The art museums
18. Taking pictures so often
19. Wine being cheaper than water
20. Drinking wine with lunch
21. Seeing beer in vending machines and at McDonald's
22. My cleaning ladies : )
23. La croissantería
24. The nightlife
25. The fashion

There are many more things I miss about the states, and will miss about Europe! I am sad to leave, looking forward to my European travels, and estatic to see my family and friends again!

Now...back to studying! Thanks for your prayers.


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  1. And one more thing: cheese....I forgot how much I miss regular old cheese.