Sunday, March 11, 2012

Mona Lisa, Smile

El Museo del Prado en Madrid ha encontrado una pintura muy parecida a Mona Lisa de Leonardo Da Vinci. Después de resturaciones se han decidido que es una obra de un estudiante de Da Vinci. La pintura está en el Prado hasta el 13 de marzo (luego se la envia a Paris) y ayer fui con amigas para verla. Fue muy genial! Me alegro que vivo tan cerca a Madrid y puedo ir en el último minuto por algunas horas.

The Prado Museum in Madrid found a painting very similar to the Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci. After carefully restoring the painting, they decided that it is a copy done by one of Da Vinci's students. The most obvious differences are the colors (likely preserved by layers of paint, which were removed during the restoration process), and the shape of the head. The eyes still follow you around the room, which is a little creepy, but I learned it appears that way due to a shadowing technique. It is only in the Prado until the 13th of March (then it will be sent to Paris) and I went to see it last night with some friends. I am grateful that I live close enough to Madrid that I can go at the last minute for just a few hours.

The picture is poor quality because pictures were prohibited, so I was careful and sneaky and captured this one while the guards weren't looking. Below is a picture of the Mona Lisa (original) that is in the Louvre in Paris. Can you see the differences?

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