Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sweet Sunday

I had a lovely Sunday afternoon. I toured Iglesia San Juan de los Reyes, which was built by Ferdinand and Isabel to declare Catholicism (and the monarchy) as the principle force in the country. It was a monastery, and has a beautiful cloister attached. Again, I wondered how these people managed to build such intricate, beautiful buildings with such few resources. Stunning. My friends and I then walked through some of the old town by the river before we ate lunch at a Syrian restaurant ( where the food is delicious and the service is just as wonderful). Below are a few pictures...more to follow this week on the Picasa account.

I am off to bed to rest up before another week with the little ones. I have another cough to deal with...perhaps I am allergic to Spain?

I don't seems highly unlikely for anyone to be allergic to sights like these.

I wish you all happy, blessed weeks!

Un abrazo.

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