Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Venice: Sunny and Sweltering

From Berlin I flew to Venice, Italy, to meet up with friends from Salamanca. (If you want an entertaining story about my flight(s) to Venice, just ask me. Right now time and my pride prevent me from publishing it).

I loved Italy when I went during spring break, and was glad to return, especially to Venice. And because I love small towns, and water, I enjoyed this city. However, it is run down. It appears as if there is no attention paid to the upkeep of most buildings, which is sad. Because with the canals and the breathtaking views of the ocean, there is so much potential for an incredible city.

We toured the cathedral and the famous Piazza de San Marco and spent the rest of our time winding through the confusing streets, all the while looking for any bit of shade and water fountains to escape the heat. It was over 95 degrees with 95% humidity...so basically I didn't stop sweating the whole time I was there. And I am used to hot summers, so I am not sure why I was so surprised by the heat here. I think it is because I rarely spend all my time outside in weather like this. Or if I am outside, I have the relief of an air-conditioned building or a pool...but only stores are air-conditioned. We did luck out with a room with two oscillating fans which helped a bit. And the open windows drew in a multitude of mosquitoes who feasted on me. I must have sweet blood; after one night in Venice I counted 15 bites, just on my two arms! And I woke up with another fat eye, due to a bite just below my eyelid...Oh, and as we were cleaning before checking out we found an insect repellent that plugs into the wall. But it was sitting on the floor...The whole time I thought it was an air freshener. Oh well, I could certainly have worse issues!

I took a bus through the Alps into Austria where I caught a train to Badgastein. I settled in last night and awoke to find myself nestled at the bottom of the mountains.

Unfortunately, it is chilly and raining (a far cry different from Venice yesterday!). But at least I had time to finally catch up on pictures and this blog. I think I will still head out on a bike this afternoon, in spite of the rain. I just wish I hadn't left my warm clothes, and rain jacket, out of my suitcase. And what makes this trip a little sweeter is the upgrade to a single room. It is nice to not only have my own space but also to know I will be here more than 48 hours. I will make my way back to Spain on Saturday or Sunday before coming home on the 14th! It is so soon, I can hardly believe it!

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