Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Twenty-two has been my favorite number for years (since the days I wanted to emulate my sister Ana in every way, so I copied her as much as I could). But turning 22 was a bit strange! Everyone wants to turn 18, to be an "adult." And after that we cannot wait to be 21-we all know why. But after 21, comes 22...that just sounds different. But, I'll take faith in the fact that this year will bring wonderful things, since it is, after all, my favorite number.

This birthday was also different for obvious reasons: I am in Spain! Away from my family and close friends. I did have a very nice birthday weekend. I celebrated my last few days as a 21-year-old in London, then came back to Salamanca to "salir de fiesta" (go out) with my friends Saturday night. Sunday, my birthday, was a beautifully sunny day which I spent quietly. I took a walk with a friend before she left Salamanca to travel with her sister. After lunch I had a little siesta and talked with my parents. Ana and Doug had sent me a birthday surprise (the new Michael Bublé CD-the only thing that would have been better was Michael himself! Ha). And my parents surprised me with money for walking shoes to get me through my last few weeks in Europe. And I had so many happy wishes via email and Facebook, I was reminded how blessed I am with family and friends.

In the afternoon Stef called me and asked for my help with her luggage. I walked into her room, snacking on some chips, and three of my friends came out of the bathroom singing "cumpleaños feliz." You know me and surprises, I love them, but I am so easily startled...I nearly choked on my chips! They gave me a sweet gift, a scarf to add to my growing collection, and a pearl necklace to match my ring and earrings!

It was a bit of a sad day as two of my close friends left Salamanca for the was a reminder that my time, too, is coming rapidly to a close! In fact, in exactly FIVE weeks from today, I will be on American soil for the first time in 6 months! Crazy. And though I am so very excited to see my family and friends, it is hard to think that my semester abroad is almost over. But I have so much to be thankful for, I cannot be sad!

Un abrazo,

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